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Simply Enroll in the IDOC New Member Program and at least one other eligible preferred vendor program to receive up to an $840 rebate*. 

In addition to your bonus rebate, IDOC membership offers:

  • Quarterly Rebates, Product Discounts and Promotions, and Patient Purchase Rebates
  • Access to a Dedicated Practice Development Manager (PDM) that will help you maximize your membership and collaborate with you on the biggest growth opportunities in your practice
  • Comprehensive services offerings to support every aspect of your practice**
  • Business analytics technology with IDOC Insider™
    Continued Education and Peer Networking

Fill out the form on this page to learn more and talk to one of our Practice Development Managers today! 

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*Members joining into IDOC Essential Program earn $540. Members joining into IDOC Select Program earn $840. ** Services available to IDOC Members at a discounted rate.
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