Help your employees—and your practice—thrive with IDOC HR Services.

Plus access to the ultimate on-demand resource, IDOC HR Now.

Happy, productive employees are key to your practice success. The experts at IDOC HR Services know the best way to hire, onboard, train, boost engagement and handle day-to-day staff management tasks, giving you the time and freedom to focus on patient care. IDOC HR Services include:

  • IDOC HR Now: the ultimate on-demand resource for every independent optometry practice, supplying you with the tools you need to streamline your staffing, stay legally compliant and remain up to date with state and federal laws.
  • IDOC Benefits & Beyond: a marketplace designed to help you find and provide quality benefits for your employees so that you can attract and retain top talent in a competitive job market.
  • IDOC HR Consulting: guidance and advice from industry-admired experts to ensure your success and help you create an environment in which your staff can thrive.

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