COVID-19 Information

During these rapidly changing times, the IDOC team is here to provide information to assist in navigating the COVID-19 disruption. Our vendor partners also want to ensure that IDOC members have access to their news and information. Please find below related resources from IDOC Vendor Partners. This page will be updated as new information is received. 

Contact IDOC: 203.853.3333

Partner Information:

ABB, ABB’s Response to Covid-19 – Payment and Shipment Updates (download)

Abyde, IDOC Support Team (download)

Abyde, May I Disclose Protected Heath Information? (download)

Abyde, HIPAA & COVID-19 (download)

Abyde, Updates to HIPAA & Telehealth During COVID-19 (link)

Abyde, How to Handle HIPAA in Public Heath Emergencies (link)

Alcon, Alcon’s Response to Covid-19 – Payment terms included (download)

Alcon, Alcon Social Media Assets (download)

Allergan, Allergan Lowers Copay While Increasing Payment Terms & Coupon Value (download)

B+L, B+L’s Response to Covid-19 – Payment and Shipment Updates (download)

B+L, B+L’s Patient Rebate Tear Pads (download)

B+L, B+L Social Media Assets (download)

ClearVision, Guidebook on Re-Opening after COVID-19

ClearVision, Digital Resource Center (download)

CooperVision, Update from CooperVision (download)

CooperVision, Cooper’s Response to COVID-19 – Direct to Patient Shipping Covered (download)

CooperVision, Keep Patients Covered with LensFerry and IDOC’s Pricing during COVID-19 (download)

CooperVision, CooperVision Social Media Assets (download)

De Rigo REM, 5 Pillar Approach for ECP's

De Rigo REM, Resource Center

EyePromise, Support for IDOC Practices (download)

Essilor, Letter from Rick Gadd, President Essilor of America (download)

Essilor, Marketing Kit for Reopening Your Practice

Hoya, COVID-19 Resources (link)

i-deal optics, May Terms + FS Promo (download)

Luxottica, Customer Support & Updated Payment Terms (download)

New Era, New Era and IDOC Overview (download)

New Era, New Low Shipping Requirements with New Era (download)

OOGP, Direct to Patient Shipping Info (download)

Safilo, Frame Cleaning Guidelines (download)

Safilo, Smith Supports Goggles for Docs (download)

Santinelli, Schedule a Virtual Demo

SolutionReach, Help Patients Prepare, Not Panic Checklist (download)

SolutionReach, Telehealth Information (download)

VSP, VSP COVID-19 Resources Page (link)

Zeiss, BreathShields Available by Zeiss Meditec (link)



ABB, Helping you get through today, with an eye on tomorrow (link)

De Rigo REM, FREE ABO Certified Practice Management Course (download)

GPN, eyeTHRIVE Webinar Series Recordings - Sessions 1-5 (link)

GPN, eyeTHRIVE Next Steps Webinar (download)

Luxottica, Luxottica University - 12 free webinars and 20+ hours of complimentary CE

Marcolin, Virtual Education, Week 7

Marcolin, June Webinar Series to Support Your Practice (download)

Safilo, Virtual Education Series Information (download)

SolutionReach, Practice Comeback Webinar Series

SolutionReach, Webinar with 4ECPs and KOLs (link)

VSP, Webinar Series (link) - New Webinars Announced

Zeiss, SmartLife Webinar Series (download)

Zeiss Meditec, Support Webinars (link)